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Born and raised in a small East Texas town, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

From selling rocks to barbie dolls, I wanted to make my own money from a young age.

After college, I taught school for 21 years, got married, and moved to the Northeast. I started my family and soon realized that I wanted to make my own money while taking care of my family. 

I decided to take a job in Corporate America that was WAY out of my comfort zone. Very quickly, I climbed to the top and became the #1 sales person.

Soon I realized, I was making my boss look "GREAT" and making other people WEALTHY, while working long hours and losing time with my family.  

It was at the top of my game that I realized I was not being a "present" parent, so I walked out. Not really knowing what I would do but I knew my family needed me to be a mother more than bring in a 6-figure salary.

I knew somehow I could make my own schedule, be at home and still help the people. I just had to figure it out.  

Soon, I realized I needed multiple sources of income to sustain my lifestyle. I had dabbled in direct selling, when I was younger but was introduced to a product I was really passionate about from a friend.

I jumped aboard with her and have created a successful income while also helping others.

I now motivate and collaborate with others to grow their direct selling businesses and enjoy life on their terms while continuing growing my own.  


Catherine Ann, "Lady Leverage"

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